Neck Pain (Cervical Spondylosis)

Neck pain (Cervical Spondylosis)

Our neck is a very crucial area in our body, connecting the most important part, the head, to the rest of our body. The main structures comprising our neck are seven cervical vertebras with a part of the spinal cord coursing through them, muscles of the neck, our food pipe, wind pipe carrying air to lungs, vocal cords, veins and arteries. Neck pain of some sort is very common and is mostly due to improper sleeping or sitting posture, and over strain due to position. Such pains goes off just as it came, but when the pain persists and when neck movements become painful, it becomes medically important. Sometimes the pain may travel from the neck, to the shoulders and down the arms. Sometimes the condition may also be associated with neurological symptoms like tingling sensation, numbness etc in the arms. All these requires proper treatment and should be medically sought before the condition gets worse.

Degeneration of the cervical discs can lead to neck pain. In that case, the condition is called cervical spondylosis and is quite common. Degeneration is a natural process as we get old, but nowadays degeneration tends to set in early, probably due to our present lifestyles and unhealthy food patterns. Cervical spondylosis has effective treatment protocols by combining Kerala Ayurveda and Physical therapies. Additionally procedures can be done to reduce the pace of degeneration by rejuvenating your body. Changing your food patterns and daily routine habits are also recommended to prevent the recurrence of the condition. In fact, managing Cervical spondylosis is one of our major specialties.

Trauma or injury to the neck is yet another cause for neck pain. As mentioned earlier the neck embodies some of the most important structures and injury to the neck can be serious sometimes. It can even lead to conditions like paralysis which may be partial or complete. Investigations using X ray, MRI, and blood tests must be done to decipher the underlying pathology. A carefully planned treatment protocol will be necessary in cases of neck injury.

Our expert panel, have effective treatment protocols for Neck pain due to various pathologies. Not all cases are curable, but we can provide the best management that can be given in the specific condition.