What we do

Kottakkal Ayurgarden International is a traditional and authentic ayurvedic treatment center that incorporates the essence of ancient wisdom with the comfort of modern technology. Our center is the first integrated ortho and neuro-rehabilitation center in India. We provide you best therapies, treatments, and services to attain longevity and freedom from disorders without compromising on the quality mentioned in ancient ayurvedic scripts and texts.

Kottakkal Ayurgarden has been established with the aim of providing the best solution in health care and treatments incorporating authentic and scientific Ayurvedic medicine. The ayurvedic treatments and remedies we offer our patients are a result of knowledge sharing and heritage of the past 3 years. The hospital is blessed with gifted doctors and specialists in ortho and neurorehabilitation. We ensure that the prescriptions are made under the strict supervision and guidance of a team of well-reputed and qualified doctors.


We focus on both wellness as well as curative therapies and help you discover true health through rigorous training and well-planned protocol based therapies. Our ayurvedic center specializes in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and swallowing therapy. The main advantages of the protocols we adopt include obtaining some miraculous results as well as a notable reduction in time duration to get a particular result, which is an outcome of such combinations compared to adopting them separately. Our team ensures to maintain the quality and consistency of Ayurvedic medicine hence helping the patients detoxify, cleanse, and rejuvenate themselves. Over the past decades, we have an increase in the number of guests from native places as well as overseas who visit us to get treatment for chronic diseases they are suffering from.


Our establishment is an initiative to help the patients who suffer from a particular disease to interact and consult with our Ayurvedic doctors who have significant experience in serving patients and hence achieve optimum results. We don’t offer Ayurvedic packages like other clinics instead we provide you with the best health care and traditional treatments for almost all diseases and abnormalities. One of our major treatment specializations includes occupational therapy which is a client-centered profession of the modern health care system or refined version of modern physiotherapy. This therapy focuses on helping people recover from injuries, providing support for elderly people to cope with their physical and cognitive changes, as well as helping children with disabilities. 


Our treatment center integrates Ayurveda’s modern ethos and latest technology to ensure that our patients feel tremendous mental satisfaction along with a relief of physical ailments. We provide Ayurvedic treatments that are thoroughly tested and analyzed and adopt a cohesive approach of balancing the body, mind, and consciousness to their natural state. Our team consists of professional experts who help the patients with curing their complex medical conditions with utmost care. Our treatments and methodologies are designed in such a way that the overall experience is very professional and therapeutic making Kottakkal Ayurgarden international one of the best Ayurvedic clinics.