Knee Pain - Osteo Arthritis


There are many different types of arthritis and OA is The Degenerative arthritis. Here, the protective cushions around your joints wear off and it just worsens over time and is irreversible. Obviously, when the cushion around a joint wears out, there will be severe pain around the joint. The other symptoms associated with the condition are morning stiffness (or inactivity stiffness), tenderness around the joint, crackling sound when the joint is moved, and joint swelling in some cases. If you stay immobile due to pain, it will only make the joint further stiff and hence staying active is the key to fight it. The process of degeneration cannot be stopped but it can definitely be slowed down. That’s where the role of proper management comes in the case of OA. In fact, beating OA takes more than just pills. It requires a carefully planned set of treatment procedures which are to be repeated occasionally to keep you going. Moreover, due to some reason, OA tends to catch up earlier nowadays than it used to before. We are simply aging quicker than our grey generation. So, a proper rejuvenation process for the body is definitely the need at present to keep diseases like OA at a safe distance. It is also seen that women are more likely to be affected with OA. In case of persons who overweight, it is easier for OA to conquer their knee joint which are the poor weight bearing joints of the person. Injuries to joints that have occurred earlier in life can pave the way for OA in course of time. The chronic pain associated with the condition is the most disturbing aspect of the disease. Luckily, there is effective management to curb this pain and also to maintain the mobility of the joint. You may think of joint replacement only as the last resort. There are other rewarding options before that which can benefit you.

Managing OA successfully is one of our major specialties. Kerala Ayurveda is a powerful science which has immense options to replenish our body tissues and delay the process of degeneration. Along with Kerala Ayurveda therapies and herbal medications, physical therapies to curb pain and strengthen muscles can add to speedy recovery from the condition. Repeated course of therapies every year can definitely keep degeneration away and is just like a rejuvenation therapy which can keep you active and energetic for longer periods.

We know the pain you are in with OA, and it is never an exaggeration when we say that we are here to help you overcome the pain.