Guillain-barré Syndrome

Guillain barre syndrome

It is a disorder of the immune system where the body’s own immune system wages a war against its nerves and attacks them. It results in various neurological symptoms. The causes for the condition are not exactly known, probably any infections that you had just a while back, could trigger the autoimmune response against nerves. There is no definite cure either. Tingling, weakness or pricking sensations may be felt in the beginning; usually beginning from the toes and ascending to upper part of body, weakening the muscles and paralyzing the body as the course continues. The whole course may not be too gradual; the course may just take a few weeks. Due to its rapid course, early hospitalization and quick management is very important. When the disease affects the respiratory muscles, the condition becomes critical leading to death. Hence early intervention is too important for the condition. In some cases the disease can reverse itself and the person may return back to normalcy.

The main aim of management is interfering with the patient’s immune system and correcting it back, thus preventing destruction of nerves. It is not quite easy, but it is possible. Returning back the strength of muscles and the lost functions requires intense and repetitive rehabilitation protocols. Suitable internal medications that can regulate proper immune responses are of great importance in the management of GBS. Our herbal vegetation is luckily blessed with diverse medicinal plants that can help regulate the immune responses of the body. Along with internal medications, external therapies of Kerala Ayurveda, physical therapy and occupational therapies can contribute much to improve the general condition of the patient and prevent further deterioration of the condition. Together all the above therapies can bring significant change in the motor functions of the patient. Neurological symptoms also subside to a considerable extent. The general protocol will be subjected to precise changes as per the condition of the patient and as per the principles of MIRA (Meticulous Integrated Rehabilitation Approach).

Managing GBS is quite a challenge, and we take up the challenge with the confidence of our integrated expertise and positive outcome from the numerous cases we have managed so far. Prevention of the recurrence of such conditions is also important and hence rejuvenation treatments after the primary management is of great value in autoimmune conditions.