Suffering from Gout? Simple changes in the Diet can Help

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Gout is a condition caused because of the Uric acid buildup which mainly affects the feet. Main symptoms of gout includes swelling and pain in your foot especially in the big toe. Sudden pain as well as feeling like your feet is on fire are the consequences of the gout attacks.

The buildup of the uric acid from the breakdown of purines in blood cause gout. Conditions like metabolism disorders, dehydration let body produce too much uric acid. Including this if you have thyroid, kidney issues which add additional problem as it make more difficult for body to remove the uric acid. So this article is with the simple solutions of gout.


Solution for gout issues:



Like we know our body’s main content is water ad hydrating your body is really important in gout conditions as it will improve in kidney function which will automatically improve the uric acid amounts the blood.


Vitamin c

Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and turmeric are recommended for the anecdotally for gout as it support kidney. On the other hand study strongly recommended lemon juice and vitamin c items as they help in lowering the uric acid amount in the body.


Ayurvedic tea

Nettle tea is on example which help in reducing the pain and inflammation in gout. Dandelion tea is also used as a herbal remedy as it improves the functioning of liver and kidney which result in lowering the uric acid amount in the blood.


Body weight control

It’s is consider as the solution of many problems or diseases in the body like high cholesterol levels, sugar levels etc. Controlling the body weight as well as sugar amount in diet is really helpful in gout issues.



Ginger is a herb prescribed for the inflammation issues. It’s proven in may studies that ginger is extremely helpful in the reduction of uric acid levels in the body.


Celery or celery seeds

Celery is used since a long time for the solution of uric acid issues. This is considered a some of the most popular home remedy. It also proven through several research that it also help in reducing the inflammation.


Apples and Bananas

Both the fruits are recommended for the gout issues as apple contain malic acid which reduces the uric acid as it is also helpful in overall health care. Bananas are potassium rich , which helps in proper functioning of the organ and tissues. Caution about intake of these fruits is that they should not add a large amount to sugar consumption, it can result in bad conditions of gout.


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