Remedies To Relieve from Spondylitis Pain 

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Relieve from Spondylitis Pain

Noticing severe aches in the neck? Maybe with stiffness diminishing the range of motion, even though you may not have faded by the age. Sponylitis is fairly an unusual disease, occurring in only about 1 percent of the population. Spondylitis develops before the age of 45. Most individuals come across it in the 20s and 30s experiencing its early symptoms. Its signs and symptoms include severe aches, stiffness in neck, pin-prick sensation in arms, shoulders and feeling fatigue. Patient may also feel stiffness and clumsiness while walking. This disease is called as cervical spondylitis. It generally occurs because of the immune system attacking the joints, ligaments and other tissues.


Cervical spondylitis have several treatments both in allopathic and ayurvedic medicines. Allopathic medications involve non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which can suppress the pain for short period of time. Whereas, Ayurvedic therapies involves a holistic treatment which not only concentrates just on the neck but the whole body. The treatments in this article are not meant to be practiced as a home remedy. These remedies are prescribed by Ayurvedic expert doctors.


Some of the remedies including allopathic are:


Conventional Treatment (allopathic):


The conventional treatment focuses on relieving the symptoms by use of pain killers which are also known as anti-inflammatory drugs as mention earlier or physiotherapy is an another option. If these treatments do not go splendidly, the patients are advised to take a stride towards the surgery in order to release the pressure on the nerves. The nerves get pinched to get some relief. These treatments are quite complicated and do not give long term benefits.


Ayurvedic Treatment:

The ayurvedic treatments work by studying the cause of the problem. The ayurveda studies the problem through its roots. In case, the issue is at the initial stage, ayurvedic treatments work well and damage is revived quickly with the help of rest and pain killers. The remedies that are suggested in ayurvedic treatment are:


➢ Panchakarma for cervical spondylitis

A five action treatment “Panchakarma” is as old as ayurveda itself. In ayurveda, it is considered as a road to detoxification and, healing based on the 5 core principles. With the help of 5 principles, many different other therapies have been developed over the years. Panchkarma treatment works on the basis, that the body has the natural capacity to process and remove any toxins from the system. Ayurveda panchakarma can cope with a majority of diseases. At present, panchakarma therapy has become enriched with many new healing philosophies and hence considered as one of the effective treatment for neck pain. It is analyzed that, Panchakarma procedures give succeeding results. The pain the stiffness in the neck, gets subsided. The patient is then able to move their neck with a free motion.


➢ Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylitis

Ayurveda is an ancient discipline; its history dates back 6000 BCE. Ayurvedic treatments are better when commenced at the early stage of cervical spondylitis. Ayurveda offers any individual a preventive way to lead diseases free life. Ayurveda can give long term benefits and one can live free of pain and discomfort after completing their ayurvedic treatments. The treatment consists of regular exercise and yoga plan, customized diet plan and therapies including with medicated oil massage and herbal medicines. Ayurvedic technique examines the root cause problems which are rivetingly unique for every single individual. Each individual is examined meticulously with series of unique questions and physical checkup techniques. Each question is designed to understand cervical spondylitis disorder in detail. Along with yoga and customized diet plans, ayurvedic therapies followed to the cure the ailment includes snehan, abhyanga, podikizhi, kadikizhi, pizhichil, and kativasti. These are few therapis for cervical spondylitis which involve massage with medicated oils and warm, steamed bundles of medicated herbal powder.


➢ Cervical treatment in naturopathy

Naturopathy or naturopathic is form of alternative medicine which avails an array of pseudoscientific practices. It is a very effective treatment for cervical spondylitis. Remember; always consult the doctor or specialist before using naturopathy for any serious or chronic illness. Practitioners take different approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathy treatment includes diet therapy, yoga therapy, hydrotherapy, herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, nature cures, physical medicine and applied kinesiology. The mentioned naturopathy therapies are very effective and have aided many people around the world and given them solace for years. A consultation typically begins with a lengthy patient interview focusing on lifestyle, medical history, emotional tone, and physical features, as well as physical examination. Duration of treatment may vary from weeks to months depending upon the status of the case as well as the health condition of patients such as age, susceptibility, hereditary history as well as patient’s current diet and lifestyle patterns. Hence, naturopathy can also be an alternative choice to relive the neck pain.



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